College & Transportation

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So life update: I bought a bike!  
On the topic of bikes, I want to talk to you about what transportation is like in college when you don’t have a car and what to expect. 

First things first, get to know your options:
ASU Tempe Campus is at the epicenter of Arizona public transportation. With the new legislative bills passed, this year begins the process of making Arizona even more sustainable and environmentally friendly through the Valley Metro 2020 initiative. Not only is Valley Metro a huge help in transportation for students, but ASU also supports its students. 

Let’s begin with what ASU has to offer: 

ASU offers intercampus shuttles that will transport you from campus to another free of charge. Many students use these shuttles not only to get to class but also to get to work. All schedules and routes can be found online. 

ASU also has a safety escort option. The safety escort can get you from one end of campus to the other, again, free of charge. The safety escort can be contacted by phone call or through the LiveSafe app. 
Now, Valley Metro being as big as it is, has so much to offer.

* Light rail – exact date required 

* City Busses – exact fair required 

* Orbit Busses – free to the public 

* Green Bikes: public bikes you can rent from anywhere between an hour or six months.

As for ride sharing options, here are three of many: 

Uber is a great source when you don’t have a car or are not stable enough to drive. Uber has an app that makes it easy and safe to find a way home. 

Lyft is just like Uber but it gives you more options when you are able to compare. Sometimes prices are better on one app or the drivers are better on the other. Depending on your preference, you can choose which app works for you. 

Taxis are just the more expensive option in the bunch. Unless they’re lined up waiting for someone to get in at the airport, they might me a little hard to reach in a place like Arizona. You might have best luck contacting them by doing a quick google search for a phone number. 
— Links to Learn More — 
ASU Intercampus Shuttle

ASU Safety Escort

Valley Metro 2020 Initiative:


Know Your Bus Routes
Go online and look at what your city has to offer. You can find bus routes, holiday schedules, etc. Your city transportation site is going to be your best friend when trying get around. Check if your city has an app! That would be the best option! 

Know Your City 
Wander, look at the streets, go somewhere you’ve never been and try something new and find your way back home. If all else fails and you get completely lost, you can call an Uber to get you back home. I’m sure you’ll be able to get back with the help of your phone. Just don’t go anywhere that may seem risky or dangerous. 


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How To Have The Most Productive School Year


Before the sesmter even starts, you check to see if the syllabus has been posted or if there’s anything you need to get done before classes start. 

Keeping some sort of planner will change your life. Instead of having a picture of your work schedule and trying to remember if you have homework, just write it all down. 

Have a planner that includes your work and school schedule on the monthly view but have a weekly view for upcoming assignments/events/meetings. This will keep you so organized and will lead to much more productivity. 

Going more into planning, if your syllabus includes due dates or test dates, add them to your planner so you know ahead of time. If at any point your teacher mentions a deadline, write in your planner. 

*Quick Tip

If your have the deadlines ahead of time, mark them all a day before in your planner. That way when you are getting ready to do your weekly assignments you’ll think it’s due but you’ll actually have done your work early. You will never miss a deadline, you won’t procrastinate, and you won’t stress out! 

Another way of planning is by having a set schedule for things. You should set some time in the day to study, relax, be athletic, etc. If you know yore going to come home tired from work or school, write down in your planner that you’re going to take 1 hour of relaxation time. After that, you can plan to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes studying. Excercise leads to a healthier and more productive lifestyle as well so don’t forget to add an hour to two and a half hours of excercise to your schedule. At the end of the night you can include in your planner that you will take an hour for your nightly routine and half an hour of entertainment from Netflix to Instagram. You’re schedule can be any variation of things and different times but be sure to have a set time for all your activities to ensure you have the most productive day possible. 


Sleep is a huge factor in productive that most people negelct. You should be getting eight hours of sleep every night or at least something close to it. If you’re not sleeping well, you will be extremely exhausted, maybe not right away but you will notice it in the long run. If you’re exhausted from not sleeping you won’t have engery to accomplish all of your tasks and all you’ll want to do is sleep. So sleep your appropriate hours that way you can be productive the rest of the day.

 Going back to planning and keeping a schedule, if you plan ahead you should not have to worry about not getting enough sleep. You should also set an exact time you plan on going to sleep and stick to it. Eventually your body will get used to being asleep by that set time so when it gets close to bed time your body will be getting tired and ready for bed. 

If you sleep early, you’ll be able to wake up early and have an early start to your day. That will give you extra time to study, catch up on work, or reward yourself with some relaxation time. 


Another super important thing you can’t forget about is eating! You should always make sure to have breakfasts even if it’s something small or if it’s just a morning shake, something is better than nothing. Eating breakfast is a positive way to start  of your day with a lot of energy. 

Have snacks throughout the day. There is nothing worse than being at school or work during lunch hours and not being able to eat for another hour or so. That is why you schools take snacks with you that you can have in class or while you’re working. 

Eating all your meals throughout the day will lead to a more productive day because you won’t go hungry. If you’re working on a project and suddenly realize you’re hungry but there is no time to eat, all you’re going to focus on is the fact that you’re hungry. You won’t be productive because you’ll be too hungry to focus on your work. That is why you should always eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even have snacks sometimes!

Getting Invloved at ASU

The best way to get involved at ASU is through Passport and iWeek! They are on-campus events that showcase clubs, sports, and other societies. In attending these event, you can be certain you’ll find something you’ll love. There are so many ways to get involved with different organizations. At these event you’ll be given information on the organizations with their meeting dates and times. 

However, if you can’t make it to these events, or even if you go but forget to get their information, you can ways check on OrgSync. 

OrgSync is an app that list all the sports, clubs, etc. on campus. The app also includes the times and dates they meet. 

One of the best ways for freshman to get involved is through PAB. PAB hosts many events on campus so you’ll definitely be involved. It’s a great way to meet friends; whether it’s through the organization or through the events you host. PAB is known for having monthly events at the MU. So even if you don’t decide to join PAB, you should still attend the events.  You can have tons of fun at Monday night trivia or go out to Hayden lawn for a mid week outdoor movie. Friday events usually include various stations from free manicures and massages to cookie decorating or even free coffee and a sundae bar. 

Another great way to get involved is through your residential community.  RHA has events for all residents versus your peer Programer who has events for your hall. The events are a really good way to get to know the people who live in your building but joining RHA is a great way to get involved and potentially have a leadership position. RHA ranges from small events where you can pet puppies to much larger events where you can have a snowball fight and make snow globes or ornaments!