A Week In Las Vegas

Here’s how to get the most out of a Vegas trip when you’re under twenty-one in the summer.

Always have something different planned for each day you’re staying!

Since it’s too hot to be walking around during the day on a Las Vegas Summer day, the plan is to relax at the pool for the majority of the day until the sun sets or .. they kick you out. Either works. Once that is all said and done, begin with the fun!!

Day One:

The MGM Hotel is your starting point. 

From there, cross the bridge to the New York New York Hotel.

  • At the hotel, you can tour the Hershey’s Store and do a little shopping.
  • Then, you can go upstairs to their awesome arcade to play games or even ride the NY NY Roller Coaster!!

After NY NY, cross the second bridge to Excalibur and experience their underground arcade.

Once you finish all fun games at the arcades, you can head back to your starting point at the MGM Hotel.

From the MGM hotel, you now have access to walk down the strip, be a tourist, and shop ’till you drop.

The strip is very long, so don’t worry if you don’t get through it all in one day, you’ll get to it later in the week.

But be sure to check out the Grand Canyon store, M&M store, Coca-Cola store, ABC store for some snack or souvenirs , and get those bargain prices at Ross department store.

That completes the first day in Vegas!

Day Two:

Although you want to beat the heat, day two is the day to be heading out early for some fun in the sun and should be the only day not at the pool.

Once it’s time to head out, make sure you treat yourself to some of the greatest buffet experience you’ll ever have. A great place to indulge in your favorite sweet treats, while getting a taste of the world, is the Carnival World buffet. Although a bit pricey, it’s completely worth it. Just make sure to go in hungry!

When you’re all filled up with that deliciousness, head over to the LV Fashion Show Mall to walk it off! The mall is very large and will definitely take a couple hours to get through; but the shopping doesn’t end there.

Continue on by visiting the beautiful shops of the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel.

Before you go, don’t miss out on the free outdoor shows near the mall hosted by the Treasure Island and Mirage Hotel, where you experience some intense fire and feisty pirates.

After the shows, cross over to the previously mentioned shops at the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel where you will find gondolas rowing by in the middle of the shopping center.

Aside from those gorgeous indoor shops at the hotel, check out the small outdoor shops in front of the hotel.

After that exhausting day of shopping, head back to the hotel.

Day Three:

Hanging by the pool is a must for the rest of the week!

When cool enough to go, get yourself ready for a day of fun because day three has something pretty cool in store.

Your starting point will be between the Linq and Flamingo Hotel, where you will find small strip of shops, treats, drinks, and entertainment.

After taking some time to go through all that, you can’t miss out on the amazing High Roller Ferris Wheel, the largest in the world!

The Ferris wheel itself, should take about an hour. When you finish with that, get ready to move your feet because you’ll be walking the miracle mile!

The miracle mile, is exactly that, a mile of non stop walking through tons of clothing stores, gift shops, restaurants, and so much more.

The day may seem short, but trust after that mile walk, there and back, you’ll be ready to get to the hotel as soon as possible!

Day Four:

This is the day to take it up a notch but you can’t forget your daily dose of water ’till the sun goes down. 

After hitting the pool, be ready for a luxurious day with your staring point at the Monte Carlo Hotel. Inside and up the hotel, you have access to a free tram that will take you directly to Aria/Crystals.

At Aria/Crystals you will see sparkles and luxurious brands every step of the way and then back to the tram.

The next stop on the tram is the Bellagio Hotel where the luxury shops don’t end. Also at the Bellagio, is the spectacular dancing waters outdoor show and the beautiful botanical garden!

From Bellagio, you can move on forward to Cesars Palace. At Cesars palace you will find yourself in a grand mall with a variety of shops, restaurants, a small aquarium, and even a show with great audio and lights at a water fountain.

At the end of the luxury and shopping, you can take all your bags back to your hotel by taking the tram back to your starting point at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Day Five:

Your final day should be calm and peaceful at the pool. 

Then head on over to the Circus Circus Hotel to chill at the arcade, play some carnival games, and watch a few circus shows or go crazy at the Adventure Dome with tons of rides, games, and prizes!

To end your fabulous weekend, check out Fremont Street in down town Las Vegas. Get the full Vegas experience by walking through the long street, getting last minute souvenirs, watching the overhead light show, watch the street performers, and even go zip lining across Fremont Street!

Now that’s how you do Vegas! (if you’re under 21 at least, or even if you’re not!)