Life at Arizona State 

If I’m going to be completely honestly, then I’ll tell you that ASU was not my first choice for college. It was actually my very last choice when I felt that I had no other option but to go to ASU or community college. I grew up with the notion that going to a university right after high school was a must so there was no way I was going to choose community college. Now I see that community college was not a bad option, but I chose ASU. I chose a school I new nothing about and had never even been to. I chose a school that was a complete state away from my family, friends, and boyfriend. 
Contrary to popular belief, attending Arizona State University was the best decision I have ever made. Why you ask? Well because of the opportunities and the community. 

For me, going to college was liberating and I finally had the freedom I always wanted, but it wasn’t about the freedom to drink or go to parties. I was one of the few who didn’t care much for parties or drinking. I was excited to make my own decisions and being responsible for getting my life on the right path to success. 

ASU was full of so many brilliant people in each class. I was in awe of the knowledge these people had and I was able to be friends with these people. 

Living in a residential community was great. I lived on the same hall as the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Kate Spade, and even the next Michael Phelps. 

Speaking of Michael Phelps, involvement on campus was incredible! There are so many options to choose from. There’s an organization for almost anything and everyone is welcomed to join everything. Once you choose an organization there so many leadership options available. 

Not only was there leadership positions but there hundreds upon hundreds of job opportunities. You could work fast food on campus or work an office job on campus. There were also so many near by job opportunities off campus. ASU could help you get the internship or job of your dreams. ASU had so many resources for students. You have a career coach, a success coach, your counselor, and so much more. 

The entire ASU community is great. Professors are approachable, you have an instant connection with any ASU student/ alumni. Being a student at Arizona State is such a special thing that only ASU students can understand. 

There are so many reasons why I love ASU but I know for sure that Arizona State was the right school for me and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. 

*featured image not my own