How To Get An Internship – High School Edition (or college) 

Good morning everyone,
This is a template for high school students (or even college students) to get internships in their desired field.

Before getting to the template make sure you have completed these steps:

1. Find a field you’re interested in

2. Look for assistant positions in that field ( etc.) 

3. Choose the job opening and email the complete and personalized template to the person who posted or check the website for the person in charge of Human Resources/ Client Relations. 

— Note: if you would like a more college based template for paid internships or for actual jobs, let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Good morning/afternoon/evening, 

My name is ___. I am a student at___. I am interested in pursuing a career in the legal/medical/etc. field. I recently viewed your job opening for your assistant position. Although I do not have much experience at the moment, I have gained valuable skills and knowledge through clubs/organizations/etc. I have been looking to expand my knowledge and gain experience in a professional business setting. I am curious to know if you have any internship opportunities at your firm or would be willing to have any? This would be unpaid of course and would help me gain class credit. 

If you decided to add an intern to your firm/practice/etc or have an unpaid intern in place of an assistant, I would be more than happy to apply and meet with you. I am available to meet, call, Skype, etc. at your earliest convince. I can be contacted through email at ___ or by phone at __.

Thank you for your time. 


Disclaimer: By no means are you guaranteed a position by following the template. You are also not required to follow the template word for word. It is completely up to you and how you decided to personalize it. 

Photo not my own. 


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