Upcoming Event: ASU Passport

Upcoming event before the school year begins at Arizona State is Passport ASU.   


Passport is a really awesome way to get involved on campus and get to know your fellow Sun Devils! 

This event is a few hours long and mostly held at Sun Devil Fitness Center (Tempe Campus) . Although it is mostly at the SDFC, there are a few other locations you should check out! 

The MU, the deans patio, and even right outside the gym will be full of students, booth, and free stuff! 

The purpose of Passport is for students to get to know their options for involvment and potentially leave the event as a new member of an organization! There are many organizations and sports from sororities, to water sking club, to rugby.

ASU has a large variety of student involvemnt opportunities and it’s so fun to check out the clubs, sports, frats, and all the booths; even if you’re not planning on joining any of them. 

Whether you’re with friends or going solo, you can’t miss the opportunity to get free food, water bottles, coupon books, and so much more!

Don’t forget to visit me at the Undergraduate Law Association booth and see what cool free things you can get!! 


If you’re really looking for good free stuff, visit the Fry’s Food Store Booth! 

Goodluck finding it, because when you do, you get a bag full of college necessities. Last year, my bag had things from pens, to laundry pods, to even deoderant! 

Have fun looking for the Frys Food Store Booth!! Don’t forget to have fun while you’re going crazy at Passport and have an amazing school year! 


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